Contributions to GeoNetwork trunk at version 2.2 (01/08) from the BlueNetMEST sandbox



ISO19139 schema parsing

Re-wrote the schema parser to accommodate much more complex schemas – in particular, the new ISO19139 implementation of ISO19115

Also tested on other complex schemas including sensorML

Editor enhancements to support ISO19139

Changes required as the old editor was based on ISO19115 DIS

Schematron validation – checking conditions and content and editor tags

Validation against XML schemas did not allow checking of conditions (eg. If hierarchyLevel dataset then must have geographic extent etc) and content (eg. Organisation name must be present and not blank) – added framework to support schematron XSLTs as part of the validation process and visual flagging of elements involved in schematron errors in the editor.

ISO Profile support

Need to include profiles of ISO19115 without duplicating existing implementation for each profile – eg. Presentation, help information, titles/labels etc

Bug fixes

Contributions to GeoNetwork trunk at version 2.4 (04/09) from the BlueNetMEST sandbox



Editor enhancements – Ajax controls, XML schema validation errors

Operating the editor controls (eg. +, x, ^, v) in the editor (prior to 2.4) submitted the entire form forcing a save of the metadata record – the editor controls in 2.4 now use Ajax techniques and do not submit the entire form for saving – in addition the document is stored in the user session until saved.

Massive Operations/Operations on selected sets of metadata

New Owner, Categories, Privileges – these operations were written to use the SelectionManager

Download of file data attached to metadata now includes license/constraint info plus file(s) in a zip archive a zip archive

Automatically generated license annex (uses Commons license in MCP or constraint info in base ISO19115 standard), metadata snapshot (in a MEF) and selected files are placed in a zip archive for download

User self-registration system


Finer grained permissions – split ownership and editing

Ownership rights added: only owners can delete, change privileges and categories of a metadata record. Editing privilege was added (actually restored - it had been removed in 2.2) – owners can assign it to anyone in the groups they belong to.

Shibboleth authentication

Added capability for users to be authenticated against shibboleth infrastructure (eg. AAF)

Switch to saxon XSLT engine, XSLT caching

XSLT caching removes the need to recompile stylesheets each time they are used. Saxon XSLT engine is faster and supports a wider range of XSLT 2.0 features than Xalan.

Bug fixes

Contributions to GeoNetwork trunk at version 2.5 (05/10) from the BlueNetMEST sandbox



Z3950 server enhancements, harvester

Composed Metadata Records with THREDDS and WFS harvester to construct composed metadata records

Mime Type calculation and indexing for online resources attached to a metadata record

Search on temporal extent

Performance Enhancements to search

Harvesters can do validation of harvested content and run import XSLTs on harvested content

Two new options that any harvester can use have been added to support these features – they are currently used by Z3950 harvester and Local file system harvesters

Bug fixes

BlueNetMEST sandbox features not yet in trunk – 1.4 June 2010




ANZLIC, MCP and ADO profiles of ISO19115

All information for national profiles

National profiles are not features that should exist in the trunk – ideally a plug in architecture should be present, or at least profiles should be provided as installer packs

Z3950 client (remote search tab)

An advanced search page that lets users specify terms and servers to be searched using Z3950

Unified local and remote search interface not yet ready

Spatial search in user interface and CSW

Use the spatial index in shapefile or PostGIS for search interface

For 2.7 or later

Tab-based page with metadata viewer/editor in separate window


Difficult to promote one communities user interface over another – this one has the advantage that search results are not disturbed by editing/viewing metadata records and supports editing/viewing more than one record at a time by design, map viewer has plenty of room in its own tab, remote search (and other tabs – see 'professional' search below) are easily added.

Advanced Search enhancements and fixes

Reset operation resets search defaults on the server, not just the fields in the form, many rarely used options are hidden by default thus simplifying the form, additional restrictions such as search on groups and records owned by the searcher have been added

Difficult to promote one communities user interface over another.

Professional search

Exposes the lucene query string to users. Allows saving and appending of lucene queries from browser session cookie – full power of Lucene search can be used eg. NOT, AND, OR by directly manipulating Lucene query strings

Focus in GeoNetwork appears to be on simplifying search, not providing more sophisticated features. Need for this feature is not understood by the community yet.

Simple metadata form

Metadata entry may discourage potential contributors – a simple form should be provided for contributors to provide a basic metadata description. This metadata can then be built on by metadata experts.

No clearly defined requirement for this feature exists in the GeoNetwork community.

MEF files exported and imported through GAST can include ownership/groupOwner

Default is to ignore this info.

Not committed as yet.

Other minor fixes and enhancements


These accumulate over time between trunk releases – when a trunk release is planned and new features from the BlueNetMEST are proposed, the appropriate minor fixes and enhancements are committed with the new features.